Metrolog The reference for downhole memory gauges since 1987

Since 1987, Metrolog has been designing and manufacturing flow, pressure and temperature downhole memory gauges for the oil and gas industry. Metrolog products have acquired an international reputation for their quality, reliability and ease of use. With unparalleled customor support, Metrolog is your partner for all applications. Whether you look for demanding high pressure, high temperature DSTs, long duration operations in hostile environments or everyday jobs, Metrolog brings the most cost effective solutions.
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Introducing the iScope

The iScope is a new generation of realtime downhole data system, using a wireless technology to communicate with pressure and temperature gauges...

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Metrolog will attend the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition & Conference, 12 - 15 NOVEMBER 2018. Stay tuned to discover our booth number.

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our last product.

Metrolog is proud to introduce the iScope, a revolutionary system that makes wireless technology affordable. Built on the proven wireless technology from Sercel Marine department and using Metrolog Quartz gauges, the iScope offers a radical breakthrough due to its simplicity, cost and potential to verify in real time the well test data and ensure that the right decision is made in a timely manner. An intelligent gauge carrier, with Metrolog standard memory gauges inside, is run below the tester valve as a single element of the downhole string. A communicating shuttle allows checking frequently the progress of the well test operation and ensuring the perfect analysis of the downhole data, eliminating the guesswork associated with well testing programs.