Metrolog Quality

Process : Metrolog : A High-Quality process

All Metrolog products are designed in-house. Physical tests of each new component, state-of-the-art CAD tools and Metrolog expertise combine to ensure the quality of the designed products. Prototypes are extensively tested in the laboratory then in real conditions. Manufacturing begins only after the pre-production series have qualified.

Located in Toulouse, the leading European centre for space and aeronautic industries, Metrolog benefits, through the local high-technology companies, from the constant upgrading of the manufacturing processes.

Quality control
Products are checked at every level: components, circuit boards, sub-assemblies and finished products. A product is calibrated only after it has been successfully submitted to numerous fatigue and stress cycles which simulate conditions of use. 

After passing the quality control procedures, each product is then calibrated with high accuracy calibration equipment. This calibration equipment, traceable to the national standard (LNE), is periodically checked and re-calibrated. A calibration certificate with complete calibration data is provided with each tool. 

Product support
All Metrolog products come with a warranty. However, Metrolog service support does not end with this warranty. After-sale service is fast and efficient whether customers contact the Toulouse office directly or the world-wide network of agents and representatives.


Quality policy